Sunny Side - Sustainable Sandhills Community planting

 Fayetteville, NC 28301
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Public School Property The project takes place on public school property. Volunteer Support Volunteer opportunities are available for this project.

Sunny Side, Educational Resource Center and Gallberry comprise the three projects in Cumberland County that make up a community carbon bank to provide carbon credits to colleges and universities to help them reach their carbon emission goals. The project is meant to establish a stand of longleaf pine, without the use of herbicides, for the purpose of carbon sequestration in 3.1 acres located off Sunnyside School Road in central Cumberland County.

Project Owner

Sustainable Sandhills is a tiny environmental nonprofit with a giant mission - to save the planet and preserve the environment of the Sandhills through education, demonstration, and collaboration. Cumberland County is the ‌fifth-most populous county in North Carolina and with 17 high schools contains the fourth largest public school system in the state of North Carolina. Its county seat is Fayetteville. Cumberland County Schools seeks to ‌fill some of its unused land and abandoned ‌fields with trees to create a lively area and receive the bene‌fits of an urban forest.


Located east of Fayetteville, NC, Sunny Side Elementary School is a member of the Cumberland County School System. It is the proud home of the Tigers.

Planting Site

More about this project...
  • Summer 2016
    Project created

    Sustainable Sandhills created the Sunnyside Elementary project.

  • Fall 2016
    Planting location found

    Sustainable Sandhills identified planting sites.

  • Fall 2016
    Site prepared for planting

    The site has been prepared and is ready for tree planting.

  • Early 2017
    Planting event

    All trees have been planted for Sunnyside Elementary

  • Early 2017
    1st inventory completed

    Sustainable Sandhills completed the first inventory for Sunnyside Elementary School.

  • Spring 2017
    Project registered

    Carbon credits are now available for project Supporters.

    New Supporter

    Project is seeking Support.

  • 2nd inventory completed

    The second inventory date is 12 months after the planting date

  • 1st peer verification started

    Peer Validation will occur 12 months after the planting date

  • Submitted and Finalized

    The review will then be submitted.

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