Beautifying Education: Pilot

 Charlotte, NC 28215
Public School Property The project takes place on public school property. Environmental Justice The project supports environmental justice. Volunteer Support Volunteer opportunities are available for this project. Pilot Project This is one of the first community projects piloted in early 2017.

TreesCharlotte and Urban Offsets joined forces to create a carbon credit bank to benefit several universitys' carbon emissions goals.

Project Owner

Established in 2012, TreesCharlotte is the driving force behind the bold initiative of achieving 50% tree canopy coverage by 2050. TreesCharlotte works tirelessly to address the City’s tree loss from development, protect its forests and native species, and create new green space.


Hickory Grove Elementary is a member of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in eastern Charlotte. It is the proud home of the Wildcats.

Hornets Nest Elementary is a member of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in northern Charlotte. It is the proud home of the Hornets.

Starmount Elementary is a member of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in south-western Charlotte. It is the proud home of the Owls.

Planting Site

the Hickory Grove Elementary project trees can be found along the back of both buildings on site. With an additional grouping to the north east of campus.

The majority of the Hornets Nest Elementary trees are grouped around the southern border of campus. Additional trees can be found around the back of the school on the eastern border of campus.

Starmount Elementary trees are located around the perimeter of the school grounds. Grouped by the entrance to the west, and far east of campus.

More about this project...

The Beautifying Education Projects include: Hidden Valley Elementary, Hornets Nest Elementary, Starmount Elementary, Hickory Grove Elementary, and Robert F. Kennedy Middle School. This project serves as a proof of concept for the Duke Carbon Offset Initiative's Urban Forestry Carbon Offset Protocol and is one of the first community-based carbon projects in the country. Properly maintaining trees in this project for 40 years is projected to generate 5,485.59 to 6,704.61 innovative and peer verified carbon credits.

  • Summer 2016
    Project created

    TreesCharlotte created the Hickory Grove Elementary project.

  • Fall 2016
    Planting location found

    TreesCharlotte identified planting sites.

  • Fall 2016
    Site prepared for planting

    The site has been prepared and is ready for tree planting.

  • Fall 2016
    Planting event

    All trees have been planted for Hickory Grove Elementary.

  • January 2017
    1st inventory completed

    TreesCharlotte completed the first inventory for Hickory Grove Elementary.

  • March 2017
    Project registered

    Carbon credits are now available for project Supporters.

  • March 2017
    New Supporter

    Davidson College is a new supporter of the Hickory Grove Elementary project.

  • March 2017
    Fully supported

    Hickory Grove Elementary School project has been fully supported

  • 2nd inventory completed

    The second inventory date is 12 months after the planting date.

  • 1st peer verification started

    Peer Validation will occur 12 months after the planting date.

  • Submitted and Finalized

    The review will then be submitted.

Project Map

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