City in a Forest

 Atlanta, GA 30316
250 TREES / 2,500 CREDITS
Historical Significance The planting site holds unique historical values that are protected. Environmental Justice The project supports environmental justice. Heat Island The project is designed to address urban heat island effects. Volunteer Support Volunteer opportunities are available for this project.

Trees Atlanta and Urban Offsets have partnered to increase tree planting and tree maintenance activity throughout metro Atlanta, GA.
With the help of local volunteers Trees Atlanta will plant 250 trees to create a carbon bank for the city. These credits will then be marketed to universities, business(es), and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Project Owner

Trees Atlanta is a registered 501c3 nonprofit entity that leverages public and private support to protect Atlanta’s tree cover. It works to increase public awareness on the environmental, social, economic and aesthetic benefits that our urban trees generate, and educates citizens on the proper way to select, plant and maintain trees.


Atlanta is divided into 242 officially defined neighborhoods. There are three major high-rise districts and the surrounding districts are leafy, low-density neighborhoods, most of which are dominated by single-family homes.

Planting Site

The trees will be planted within the 343 parks throughout the city. Atlanta, Georgia is often referred to as the City in the Forest, a reference to the incredible tree cover across much of the city. The city’s tree cover, at 48%, ranks Atlanta first among major metropolitan areas nationwide.

More about this project...

  • Summer 2017
    Project Created

    Trees Atlanta created the City in a forest project.

  • September 2017
    Planting Locations Determined

    Trees Atlanta are identifying planting sites.

  • October 2017
    Site prepared for planting

    The site has been prepared and is ready for tree planting.

  • 2018
    1st inventory completed

    Trees Atlanta will complete the first inventory.

  • 2018
    Project registered

    Carbon credits will be available for project Supporters.

  • 2nd Inventory completed

    The second inventory date is 12 months after the planting date.

  • 1st Peer verification started

    Peer Validation will occur 12 months after the planting date.

  • Submitted and Finalized

    The review will then be submitted.

Project Map

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