Helping Louisville Grow

 Louisville, KY 40203
250 TREES / 2,500 CREDITS
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Louisville Grows provides urban forestry training to build community capacity in urban forest management and stewardship and organizes tree-planting events to assist with the reforestation of Louisville’s neighborhoods. Louisville Grows works to educate the public on the benefits of an urban forest, organizes with neighborhood coordinators to develop annual tree planting and maintenance events, and provides trees to areas in our community with low tree canopy levels. Through community engagement, citizens are trained in proper tree selection, planting and on-going maintenance. We understand that for an urban forestry program to be effective we must engage and recruit students, residents, business owners, and all members of our community to take ownership of our urban forest. Since it's creation; Louisville Grows has successfully planted over 2,100 trees with a survival rate of 90% for our plantings.


The project trees are planted throughout Louisville, KY in local community gardens and along Louisville streets.

Planting Site

More about this project...

  • Fall 2017
    Project created

    Louisville Grows created the the Helping Louisville Grow project.

  • Fall 2017
    Planting locations found

    Louisville Grows identified planting sites.

  • Winter 2017
    1st inventory event

    Louisville Grows is completing the 1st inventory of the Helping Louisville Grow project

  • Project registered

    Carbon credits are ready to accept supporters.

  • 2nd inventory completed

    The second inventory date is 12 months after the planting date.

  • 1st peer verification started

    Peer Validation will occur 12 months after the planting date

  • Submitted and Finalized

    The review will then be submitted.

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Louisville , KY 40203
250 TREES / 2,500 CREDITS