The Healing Gardens

 Greensboro, NC 27403
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The Healing Gardens sits on two acres of land on the Wesley Long Hospital campus. The project can be seen from the windows of the Cone Health Cancer Center. Their patients can view the landscaping and the wildlife while receiving treatment. Once in the garden visitors, patients, and staff can enjoy the pathways, benches, and meditation garden. Urban Offsets has begun monitoring this project and hope to utilize the carbon offsets from these trees to help support this garden. With this help, the garden can expand and educate hospital guests on all of the health benefits of Urban Trees.

Project Owner

The garden is owned by the neighboring Cone Health Cancer Center. Each year, the advanced cancer treatment provided by the medical specialists at the Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long saves lives and restores health to thousands in our community. The center hopes to use the garden to promote health benefitting activities for cancer patients. Specialists at the Doris S. Tanger Center for Patient and Family Support promote activities such as walking, yoga, meditation, journaling, and painting to take advantage of the additional health benefits gained by holding them outside.


The Garden is located in Greensboro, NC next door to the Cone Health Cancer Center on the Wesley Long Hospital campus. The site tops a protected wetland adjacent to Buffalo Creek. Across the creek garden, visitors can walk along Greensboro's Greenway path.

Planting Site

The Key Features of the Healing Gardens (Design work by Sally Pagliai and Claudia Dinep)

The Gardens are designed to be accessible and adaptable. Walkways will lead to different settings with overlooks, patios, and benches to experience trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, streams, and wildlife. The beauty and serenity of nature will promote healing of mind, body, and spirit. Features include:

• A design that respects the varied topography, fosters biodiversity, restores the habitat and cleanses the rainwater from hospital buildings and parking lots.

• A wheelchair-accessible, 6’ wide loop path (artificial wood boardwalk in wetter areas and concrete in drier areas).

• Decks and patios in the Wetland Garden facilitating programs designed by healthcare staff.

• A large patio outside the treatment rooms with tables and umbrellas, outdoor ceiling fans and a beautiful arbor.

• A Children’s Path with whimsical garden elements offering a long lawn area for running and playing.

• A Community Garden with raised planting beds (wheelchair-accessible) and a gardeners patio.

• A flower garden, a Japanese Maple Grove and a water feature located near the treatment rooms.

• The Meditation Garden includes a terrace and landscape that patients can view and access directly from the new chemotherapy treatment suites.

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