Phoenix Community Gardens

 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Historical Significance The planting site holds unique historical values that are protected. Environmental Justice The project supports environmental justice. Heat Island The project is designed to address urban heat island effects. Volunteer Support Volunteer opportunities are available for this project. Food Desert The project is designed to address urban food deserts. Pilot Project This is one of the first community projects piloted in early 2017.

The City of Phoenix, AZ, Urban Offsets, Tuft & Needle, and Arizona State University have collaborated to plant trees, mostly fruit-bearing, in community gardens around the city of Phoenix. The carbon credits will ultimately support ASU and Duke University in reaching their carbon neutrality target dates

Project Owner

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in the U.S. state of Arizona. With 1,563,025 people (as of 2015), Phoenix is the sixth most populous city nationwide, the most populous state capital in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.


The trees will be placed in community gardens and city parks in Phoenix, Arizona.

The trees can be found in:

-Central Park

-Monterey Park

-Along the Salt River

-Encanto Golf Course

-Orme Park

-Paradise Valley Park

-Desert West Sports Complex

-Quincea Garden Food Bank

-Spaces of Opportunity

-Ahwatukee Community Garden Food Bank

-Sereno Park

Planting Site

More about this project...

This project serves as a proof of concept for the Duke Carbon Offset Initiative's Urban Forestry Carbon Offset Protocol and is one of the first community-based carbon projects in the country.

  • January 2017
    Project created

    The City of Phoenix created the the Phoenix Community Gardens project.

  • February 2017
    Planting location found

    The City of Phoenix identified planting sites.

  • May 2017
    Site prepared for planting

    Site has been determined prep has begun.

  • May 2017
    Planting event

    Trees have been ordered from the nurseries. Planting sites have been determined. Volunteers welcome!

  • September 2017
    1st inventory completed

    The City of Phoenix has completed the 1st inventory of the Phoenix Community Gardens project

  • Project registered

    Carbon credits are ready to accept supporters.

  • New Supporter

    Duke University has supported this project.

  • New Supporter

    Arizona State University has supported this project.

  • New Supporter

    Tuft & Needle has supported this project.

  • November 2017
    Fully Funded

    The Phoenix Community Gardens project is fully funded.

  • 2nd inventory completed

    The second inventory date is 12 months after the planting date.

  • 1st peer verification started

    Peer Validation will occur 12 months after the planting date

  • Submitted and Finalized

    The review will then be submitted.

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